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We perform an extensive variety of oral surgical and implantological procedures. Our procedures range from abscess treatment, impacted wisdom tooth extraction, periodontal surgery, to maxillary sinus lifts, all of which are minimally invasive, fully reliable, and procedurally pain-free. Our goal is to give you the confident and healthy smile you have always deserved but may not have thought possible. Our team of professionals who are fully trained in the latest surgical technology and medical dental treatments devote all of our energy, experience, and expertise to our patients. We attend the most current dental conferences in Europe which provide us with the most cutting edge approaches to dentistry and oral surgery. To make your experience even more accessible and thorough, we also collaborate with a network of other English-speaking specialists in all related medical and dental areas in Sofia. Our unique team of experts are able to create and coordinate your own individual treatment plan in a single visit to our practice. We look forward to giving you the most positive, stress-free and happy smile you deserve for tomorrow.

Your Specialist in Oral Surgery and Implantology

Dr. Christian I. Monev, DDS

Dr. Christian I. Monev is an oral surgeon and an implantologist with a PhD degree from the University of Hamburg. He obtained his degree in dental medicine at the prestigious University of Freiburg, Germany as one of the most distinguished graduates in his class. His love of the sea took him to Hamburg, where he worked as a general practice dentist for five years before specializing in oral surgery and implantology at Prof. Thomas Kreusch´s maxillofacial surgery unit of Asklepios Klinik Nord in Hamburg. Subsequently, he continued his surgical training at one of the largest private clinics for maxillofacial and plastic surgery in North Germany. Upon completion of his training, he was invited to join their team as an oral surgeon and an implantologist and work alongside world-renowned Dres. Ibing, Brandes, Wößner and PD Dr. Klatt.

Though Dr. Monev’s private practice and specialist training have been his primary focus for more than 15 years, he still tries to find time to enjoy his passion for theater, music, swimming and the sea.

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